Dead Cells Controversy: A Silver Lining

Dead Cells is a 2D action game

Video game news and reviews powerhouse IGN fell into a bit of trouble this week when it was accused of plagiarizing its Dead Cells review. The site’s review for Motion Twin’s hit game appeared to bear many suspiciously similar comments and sentence structures as a review posted by YouTuber, Boomstick Gaming. IGN pulled its review to investigate, and eventually parted ways with their reviewer. And while much of the ensuing fallout from the scandal included members of the gaming community lashing out at IGN, the industry, and the writer, what may have gone overlooked is just how great Dead Cells actually is.

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5 Ways For Parents To Make Going Out To Eat More Fun

Eating out with the family doesn't always have to be difficult

Why do we even bother trying to take our kids out to eat?

Maybe this is just an issue in our family, but I’d love to know how much money we’ve wasted in uneaten kids’ meals at restaurants. On second thought… maybe I don’t want to know that.

But it has to be pretty high. We’ll sit down at a restaurant, ask our girls what they’d like to eat, and there’s almost always an enthusiastic answer. In the minutes following, there are even a couple occurrences of the question, “When is our food going to be here?”

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3 Roles Parents Take On That We Probably Shouldn’t

Kids just want to have fun
This can’t be safe… right? But seriously, “Captain Safety” is one of the parenting roles I’d advise you drop. Now.

One of the most terrifying experiences I ever had as a parent was something that never actually happened.

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Working Parents: Balancing Work and Life Is Never Simple

Working parents often have to miss moments like these
Working parents often have to miss out on moments like these. It’s impossible to be home with your kids 100% of the time (and probably not the best idea, anyway), so the best we can do is, well… the best we can do.

Last week, the internet was treated to a delightful dose of parenting reality when a BBC reporter’s professional interview was interrupted by his children. It was delicious chaos, that every parent can relate to.

Sometimes, parenting and careers don’t mix all that well. You want to get ahead at the office, but you need to be home at a regular time to pick up the kids. Or you’d like to come in early and get a head start on the day’s work, but you can’t because you have to get the kids to school first. Or sometimes you’re sidelined for a couple days at a time while the kids are sick or out of school for some reason. It’s tough to figure out how to prioritize being a parent and a career go-getter without sacrificing in one or both areas.

So, what’s the secret?

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