Dad Wins Realest Parent of the Month Award for Live On-Air Family Chaos

I’ve never seen a better real-life depiction of what Parenting Reality is all about than this 43-second video:

I mean, come on! The guy is working, doing his best to be as professional as possible while being interviewed on live TV while working from home, and all that his kids want is to see what he’s up to. The mother bursts into the room – and I have to admit, I admire the level of effort she displays in trying to stay low, assuming this will help her stay out of sight of the camera – and all manner of chaos ensues. Crashing into walls, falling to the ground, kids screaming and getting run over. I mean… this is epic!

I saw a little bit of hate being thrown on the guy for “shoving away” his child when she enters the room, and people are being quick to judge him as a horrible parent.

Let’s not jump to conclusions.

Let’s be real. Are you really going to tell me that you have never tried to get your child to move out of the way in any way other than ever-so-sweetly asking them to move, and if they resist, lovingly pick them up, cradle them in your arms, and place them gently where you’d like them to be? Come on…

I’m not saying he couldn’t have been a little more loving, but this guy had it way worse than you ever have. He was working on live international television, talking about an incredibly serious subject with global implications, and he gently tries to encourage his kid to back out of the room. It could have been way worse!

I won’t go all the way and assume he’s an excellent father, either, as there’s just not enough evidence on either side to support a case one way or the other. But let’s not judge someone we know nothing about. All I’m saying is that we should enjoy this clip for what it is – an incredibly real look at parenting reality.

I’m going to dive more into the difficulties of being a working parent in a special Patreon-first article over the weekend, so if you’d like early access to that, be sure to subscribe at Otherwise, it will be live for you here two days later.

And in the meantime, this is prompting me to start a “Realest Parent of the Month” award or something. And this guy automatically wins it for March!

Video courtesy of BBC News YouTube channel

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  1. And the award goes to….Brian Armstrong for pointing out and recognizing that parents are not perfect, especially in a stressful, professional working environment and for giving this dad the credit where credit is due!

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