Parenting is not easy.

One time I told my 4-year-old that if she didn’t return the coin she took from her friend, the police would come arrest her.

Several hours later, after thousands of tears, one devastated little girl, and one incredibly regretful dad, I realized that I probably could have handled that better. But that’s just me. I don’t claim to be the perfect parent. I make no guarantees that visiting my website and reading my blogs, listening to my podcasts, or watching my videos will make you any more prepared to parent your kid the “right” way. But what I DO promise, is that this is a safe place where you can come to laugh, learn, cry, and find support in others through your own parenting journey.

If you spend a few minutes scrolling through your Facebook feed looking at the posts of your friends who are parents, you’ll probably come away pretty depressed. Everyone really seems to have it together, don’t they?

  • “Oh, look at my perfect kids!”
  • “Oh, isn’t my husband just the best?”
  • “OMG, like, my kid is so smart that 37 universities are begging her to attend, and she’s only 2!”

Meanwhile, you’re reading this with coffee stains on your shirt, a pile of laundry in the hallway, and kids eating cookies for dinner because you haven’t been to the grocery store in weeks. Am I right? Hey, no judgement here! I’m writing this with a mouthful of gummy bears while throwing some dirty clothes in the dryer to “freshen them up” real quick. But you know what that is? That’s real. It’s not Facebook fake. It’s reality.

Parenting reality.

My Parenting Credentials

I’ve been a clueless parent since 2008. When my wife was pregnant, I wanted to read as much as I could in preparation for being a daddy. I found a few books, but to be honest, nothing was quite right for me. Sure, I learned the basics (don’t drop her, wipe front to back for girls, infants can’t survive on cheeseburgers alone). But what I couldn’t find was any real advice on how the heck I was going to survive parenting. And even more importantly, how my kid was going to survive me being their parent.

So I want to give back to the world what I couldn’t find when I first started out. I hope you’ll come here and find helpful advice, timely laughter, and a judgement-free community built on supporting each other.

Let’s do this parenting thing together.