For All You Concerned Parents Out There, It’s Time To Stand Up

kids have to be taught to hate, because it's very easy for them to love others
For the sake of our world and our children’s futures, it’s time to teach them to fight.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough.

There’s only so much I can do to protect my kids from the realities of this cruel world. They go off to school and hear all sorts of things from the other kids. I’ve had to convince Reese several times through tears at bedtime that no wall will ever come between our family. I’ve had to explain why people are often treated so poorly just because they look different, and why at no point is that ever acceptable. I’ve had to remind myself that she’s only eight, and it’s a travesty that she’s already having to learn that this world is only tolerant of your lifestyle and beliefs if they aren’t radically different from everyone else’s. Continue reading “For All You Concerned Parents Out There, It’s Time To Stand Up”

Sick Kids Are Ruining My Nap Schedule

Having sick kids is an interesting thing. Judge me all you want, but my first thought (after hoping it’s nothing serious and that they get healthy soon, of course) is usually, “I hope she sleeps and I can take a nap.” Sometimes staying home with a sick kid is a walk in the park. They fall asleep in their bed or in your lap, only to wake up every few hours needing some water and a snack, leaving you with time to catch up on work, clean up the house a bit, or, yes, even take a nap.

And then there are those times where they’re sick, but refuse to acknowledge it. Continue reading “Sick Kids Are Ruining My Nap Schedule”

Mindful Eating: Teach Your Kids To Listen To Their Bodies – Not To Clean Their Plate

Why do we even bother trying to take our kids out to eat?

Maybe this is just an issue in our family, but I’d love to know how much money we’ve wasted in uneaten kids meals at restaurants. On second thought… maybe I don’t want to know that. But it has to be pretty high. We’ll sit down at a restaurant, ask our kids what they’d like to eat, and there’s almost always an enthusiastic answer. In the minutes following, there are usually a couple occurrences of the question, “When is our food going to be here?” When the food finally arrives, everyone digs in. And then seconds later, inevitably, one of them will say they’re full – with nearly an entire plate of food still sitting there.

Come on, kid! I just paid six bucks for that pasta, and you swore you were hungry! Continue reading “Mindful Eating: Teach Your Kids To Listen To Their Bodies – Not To Clean Their Plate”

Parenting Is Hard Enough Already, So Plan Ahead for the Weekend

Do weekends ever sneak up on you? Not in a bad way, but in that, “Oh man, it’s Saturday morning and we have nothing planned to entertain us or the kids this weekend,” sort of way? That happens to us more often than we’d like, and you’d think we’d learn.

I’m sure it’s happened to you. You wake up on Saturday morning, lounge around with some coffee, breakfast, and general laziness, and then before you know it, it’s 11:00 and the kids are bored, whining, hungry, or some combination of all of those.

Yeah, lazy weekends don’t really happen for families with young kids. Continue reading “Parenting Is Hard Enough Already, So Plan Ahead for the Weekend”

5 Ways To Deal With A Kid Who Doesn’t Want To Do Homework

I remember not liking homework when I was a kid, but man… I dislike it even more, now.

While I was trying to help Reese with her math the other day, I realized just how hard it is to explain simple math concepts. I can’t tell you how to multiply 12 x 3; I just know what the answer is. So while Reese was struggling to not only get the right answer, but do it in the weird way that common core teaches them to do it, we were both becoming very frustrated.

And I get it, homework is no fun. But Reese almost immediately sank into this attitude of, “I don’t want to do homework, and if you’re going to make me do it, I’m just going to pout and be grouchy with a bad attitude the whole time.”

And I lost it. Continue reading “5 Ways To Deal With A Kid Who Doesn’t Want To Do Homework”